You and the Witches

The original book that allows your child to star in their very own story!

Let your child hear all about the day they were playing in the forest when they came upon a fairy; and how they went on to rescue other children from the clutches of evil witches!

A fun tale, with a strong safety message which warns against talking to strangers and the whole story is told in rhyming verse.

"Better than Hansel and Gretel!"

Choose 1 of the 18 hero characters below :-

A beautiful story with an excellent safety message. I don't mind that my 4 year old wants to hear it on repeat! (Mother of 4-year-old)

First I read the story to my daughter without her seeing inside and she was captivated with the story and so excited that it was all about her. When I then showed here there were stickers of her to stick herself into the book - well she couldn't believe it! What a wonderful idea, a great story and so beautifully illustrated. (Mother of 3-year-old)

Henry loved it. As soon as we finished the story he wanted to hear it again. It's really good and Henry understood the stranger's message straight away. He loved the stickers too of course. (Father of 5-year-old)

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